From the COAST TO COAST AM newsletter for 20 October 2015

YouKnowMyName. . . . . medical journalist Katie Singer discussed how human-made electromagnetic fields, like Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks are overwhelming our ability to process their excessive levels. People, plants, bees and birds — and in particular our memory, DNA, behavior, attention spans, sleep patterns, and susceptibility to disease are all being altered by the exposure, she argued. Singer reported on a brain tumor cluster at the Political Science Department at San Diego State that seemed to be associated with frequent mobile phone use and a close proximity to powerful cell towers/antennas on campus. 12 or 13 people who worked in or near the Poli-Sci building have all been diagnosed with cancer, and most of them have died, she detailed.

Singer suggested that people keep their bedrooms as clear as possible from electronics, as you don’t want these devices near your head while sleeping. This includes routers, cordless telephones on base stations, and cell phones, she said, adding that the ideal would be for electricity to be turned off altogether in the bedroom when sleeping. Childrens’ brains are particularly susceptible to problems associated with electromagnetic devices, she noted, and child psychiatrist Victoria Dunckley has developed a protocol of a three-week electronic fast to clear up various problems. Singer also talked about the dangers of conducting cell phone conversations inside a car, as the phone keeps reconnecting to different towers, using maximum power, and much of the radiation is trapped in the vehicle.




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