Perhaps your local radio station is running the same ad as mine. Victoria Hearst of the famous Hearst family is telling us that “Cosmo Hurts Kids.” Cosmo being short for the company’s world-renowned magazine Cosmopolitan.

She tells us, “Despite the pornographic nature of the magazine’s content, Hearst Communications, Inc. refuses to put a content warning on Cosmopolitan Magazine.”

Two things go through my mind as I hear these ads.

First, they are FREE advertising because they have been labeled PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Second, the intense frequency of these ads are SELLING MANY MORE COPIES than normal.

Hearst tells us in the radio ad to visit her web site COSMOHURTSKIDS.com but I will not provide a free link in this article. I went to that page and was greeted with this warning, “This site contains sexually explicit material not suitable for kids. By entering this site, you acknowledge that you are over 18.”

Say what! Publishing exactly what you claim you are against? I don’t get it.

Free ads.

For porn.

Forget it.



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