Finding the correct fit for my shoes has been a lifetime struggle.

Probably like a lot of people, one foot (right) is bigger than the other.

For the last few months, my right foot is WAY bigger than my left, due to edema.  One nurse actually sent me to the ER because she diagnosed Congestive heart failure!  Whatever.

In addition to having big feet, I always drag my heels, causing the heels of all my shoes to wear out first.  A couple of different orthopedic solutions have cost over $200 per pair!

Those colorful tennis shoes on the top right are one such pair, but here is the weird part of the story,  In order to fit me with these orthopedic shoes, I was given size 14 – NARROW!  I was even given a shoe horn so I can force my feet into these things!  Normally, I buy size 13 or even a 12 if they are put together “right.”  Different shoe companies cut their shoes differently.

The black shoes on the top row are also orthopedic, but notice the heels are still wearing first.

The white shoes in the middle of the bottom row are my favorites.  I can actually get my feet in without a struggle.  Only $5 during a closeout at Walmart!

My boots are a 13, and comfortable.

What fun!




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