When the movie PASSENGERS was released in late 2016, I just knew I wanted to see it. Theaters are difficult for me, so I waited until the movie came to Netflix. I was rewarded last week.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star, and the movie caught me up in the first few minutes. I knew in advance I was going to love it, and I did. In fact, I am going to have to adjust my Top Ten Movies list. I am going to let the dust settle a few days before I rank PASSENGERS, but right now it deserves ten boxes of popcorn.

My daughter wasn’t so impressed. I told her the movie probably meant more to me because I have been alone since 1999 and Chris Pratt is alone for the first portion of the movie. I had no trouble identifying with him. My daughter is the most gregarious person I know. She is also happily married with children.

Give it a shot – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My top flicks of all time –

Star Wars IV

Princess Bride

Wizard of Oz

Blues Brothers

Yellow Submarine





One thought on “Rocket Man

  1. good grief. Your list looks just like my husband’s. When he was teaching, he found every excuse possible to show The Princess Bride. He quotes at length from the movie.


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