Unbeknownst to me, the cost of my car insurance went up $8 per month.

It had been about $57, and now it is $65.  With USAA.  ” . . . there was a state wide rate change for Utah-based auto policies renewing after May 4, 2017. What this means is that all auto policies in your state were impacted if they have a policy characteristic that was part of the rate change. Our rates are based on the probability of future losses. Based on our most recent review, we took an overall rate change in your state in order to maintain financial balance.”

As I was visiting another agency to get a better quote, the representative showed me a line in my policy telling me about the rate increase.

The notice was one sentence.  On the fold of the paper.

The rep worked and worked on her two computer screens, finding four different companies, including Progressive.  A local firm – “Bear River” – had the best deal at $79.  Fourteen bucks higher than my new rate with USAA!

A call to GEICO didn’t get me much better results – $3 per month higher than my new rate.  The lady on the phone was heartbroken as she acknowledged she lost the bidding war “For three dollars a month.”

An email to USAA helped out quite a bit.  My reply said, ” I also did another insurance quote to place your vehicle with liability coverage, comprehensive coverage and accident forgiveness. The six month premium would be $271.35, which would be a six month decrease of $117.49.”

$45 per month.  Instead of $65 per month!

USAA it is!


13 Feb 2018 – My county has the highest rates in the state!

Data shows that Weber County has the worst drivers in Utah



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