Back in 1999, my heart stopped.  A couple of times.  I had turned 46 a few weeks earlier.

After I was fitted with a pacemaker, I was also given Diltiazem.  My first prescription.

In the years that followed, doctors have given me more and more prescriptions.

A few weeks ago, I stopped taking a couple of prescribed supplements, so now I only have to program 15 pills per day.  “Only.”

But here is the neat part.  Every Sunday night, I refill my one week pill organizer.  More often than not, I empty the exact amount of a particular drug into my hand – 7, 14, or 21 pills!

It happens most often with the 7 pill count.  Better than 50 percent of the time, I dump out exactly seven pills.

My percentage goes down when I need 14 or 21, but not by much!

What are the odds!




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