A few days ago, as I was drying off from my bath, I heard the most unearthly sound.

It seemed to be coming from either one of two neighboring apartments. We have paper-thin walls here, so I couldn’t be sure which apartment was having the emergency!

Or, was it extraterrestrial!


I was ready to believe anything.

As I bent my head down closer to the sound, it finally dawned on me whence cometh the whine.

The drain plug in my bathtub was not completely closed, and just enough air was squeezing past the plunger washer to vibrate at a very scary rate!

On a different night, I heard a completely different sound. I was positive my neighbor was running the outside water tap full blast – just to annoy me. I mean, the property owners have installed enough sprinklers to cover all our greenery, we don’t need him to do any extra watering. In fact, our 25 pages of rules indicates their will be “no garden hoses!”

This neighbor has legitimate PTSD and has told me this little exercise helps calm his nerves so I cut him a little slack. But on this night, it seemed like he had turned the faucet on full blast, and then forgot all about it! The water was gushing through the pipes all night!

In the middle of the night I had to visit the restroom. In the dark, my hand fumbled for the light switch. I also touched the switch for the bathroom fan. THAT was the source of the noise! I had turned on my bathroom fan in hopes of sucking out that same neighbor’s second-hand smoke! He is a chain-smoker, and we have paper-thin walls here, which causes me much distress.

At any rate, I turned off the bathroom fan, and the sound of rushing water miraculously stopped!

Two mysteries solved.




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