One of the joys in my life has been basketball. I get a big kick out of lingering in the paint boxing out opponents in hopes of catching a rebound.

For the last couple of years, my arms have shown the bruises for such behavior. I’ve worn those bruises as badges of honor.

Lately, however, those bruises have been showing up WITHOUT playing basketball.

I’ve noticed they appear after throwing three medicine balls at Plant Fitness. I start with a four pound ball, then a six, and finally an eight.

Since I take 325mg of aspirin every day, I guess my blood is really thin. It doesn’t take much for my blood to rise to the surface.

A couple of my children have suggested I stop working out to the point of exhaustion – and to the point of more bruises – but it is hard. My next birthday will take me to 72 years of age.

Instead of throwing those ball for a total of almost 400 times, I’ve been trying to slow down.

Easier said than done


13 May 2017 – arm after basketball.

20 May 2017 – after basketball



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