Kidney stone number 35 (or so) is having a grand old time rolling this way and that way inside my right kidney. Always my RIGHT kidney.  Chronic.

A few months ago, I promised myself I was NOT going back to the hospital to have yet another operation to remove this critter.

You see, no matter how many operations I have, one or two small stones ALWAYS remain behind – usually the 2mm ones. The 2mm ones grow and grow until they become 6mm stones, and those little stinkers simply will NOT pass out of the body under normal circumstances.

I have been in pain on my right side for literally DECADES.  I am now 71.

I tell you that story so I can tell you this one.

I have been passing blood for a week or two, including a clot the other day.

Saturday, March 17, I pushed myself past my own limits. I paid for my efforts.

At 0800, I cleaned the church gym so I could play basketball at 0900. This was my pattern for many, many years, but life changed and I hadn’t been back for a couple of years.

I invited the other guys to come join me, but none showed, so I wrapped things up a little after 1000.

My stream was really red.

After lunch with my son, David, I rested up for an hour or so, then went to my regular gym – a local Planet Fitness. I did my normal three miles in one hour on a treadmill, but I did not throw the medicine balls as I usually do.

Afterward, my flow was predictably even more red.

I don’t know if fish drink, but I surely did after that. Until I was bloated. Remember, I was NOT going to go to the hospital. I was going to flush this baby out!

For this one kidney stone I had in St. Louis a few years back, my urine was as think and black as sludge from a hazard waste site. THAT was frightening! Fortunately, this time around, the color has backed off to a serious shade of amber.

I swore last night I would never repeat this “double duty” routine of two gyms in one day,

Maybe next week.




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