Ben Steverman at Bloomberg News has given us “Proof Daylight Saving Time Is Dumb, Dangerous, and Costly.”

“If you hate daylight saving time and all the confusion and sleep deprivation it brings, you now have solid data on your side. A wave of new research is bolstering arguments against changing our clocks twice a year. . . . The latest research suggests the time change can be harmful to our health and cost us money. . . . Car accidents, strokes, and heart attacks spike in the days after the March time change. It turns out that judges, sleep deprived by daylight saving, impose harsher sentences. . . Daylight saving time may threaten our health, hurt local retailers, and otherwise disrupt our lives. But can anything be done about it?”

What a great question. I have hoped our local state legislators would finally pass at least one version of a timely bill, but so far, nada.

Steverman continues, “states aren’t currently allowed to switch to daylight saving time year-round. Last year, 19 bills were pending in state legislatures around the U.S. to end the biannual time change . . . . None passed. . . . In a search of bills pending in the U.S. Congress this year and last year, none mention daylight saving.”





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