One of my last bottles of Kombucha tasted like mud. I didn’t open the second bottle, BUT I made a huge mistake.

I planned to take both bottles back to the store for a refund. I took the second bottle out of the refrigerator and laid it down flat next to the empty bottle.


A few days later, I noticed a fruit scent in the air, and yes, the sealed bottle was leaking.

I figured the thing might go “Pop” like a bottle of soda, but I had no idea how explosive it was. I held the bottle upside down in the kitchen sink.

As soon as I started taking off the lid – KA-BAM!!!!!

Kom-bang-cha all over everywhere! And I do mean EVERYWHERE.

I’ve spent the good part of an hour cleaning the window blinds, the refrigerator, the wall, the floor, my clothes, and my face.

I guess I won’t do that again.

Not a good idea.




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