What if Hansel and Gretel escaped the witch on Aladdin’s flying carpet and the Gingerbread Man went up Jack’s beanstalk and was captured by the giant but was rescued by Toby the Turtle and Gertrude the goat?

Say what! Toby who? Gertrude the what?

magiccarpetrideShari Tharp thought it might be a great idea to combine famous characters every child knows with two more from her imagination.

The result is a quirky little book for children titled GERTRUDE AND TOBY SAVE THE GINGERBREAD MAN.

This is the second book featuring her unlikely heroes, but it stands alone. You might want to read through the text before reading it out loud in case you find any passages that are hard to follow.

Jim Heath contributes such fantastic art work, and the plot is so much fun, your children will quickly invent their own ways to tell the story.

It’s a hoot!




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