Last year, my PC was hijacked four times.

reaperA few minutes ago, I was ransomed for the fifth time.

I was trying to listen to an MP3 of MY DADDY IS ONLY A PICTURE, when that familiar warning came up, “Don’t turn off your machine.  Call us immediately.  You are doing damage to God and Country!”

Well, not quite that scary, but you get the picture.

When those other hacks happened, I was using Malwarebytes (free) and Windows Defender.

Now I am using a full package from McAfee, but I guess I hadn’t clicked all the right options.

So, I took out the battery and reinstalled it.  That worked last year, but not this time.

I just kept hitting X until it went away.

Chrome worked when Explorer would not.

I’m dizzy.




4 thoughts on “Don’t fear the reaper

    • Nick replied: Ooooh, no idea to be honest. I won’t use McAfee so have no experience. I imagine you’d have to uninstall it but that’s a pure guess. I think google might be your friend here


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