Back in the day – maybe 50 or 60 years ago, I was a hard child to raise.

One thing I always messed up was keeping my shoes dry.

I don’t recall having tennis shoes back then, so my shoes were probably leather or imitation leather.  Whatever, I was constantly getting them wet.

I don’t mean damp.  I mean W-E-T!

paperrosesWe stuffed them with newspapers to dry out.

I tried that decades-old trick with my tennis shoes the other day.  It didn’t work just right.

Perhaps I didn’t stuff the shoes tightly enough – they are now deformed for life.

Result?  A big, ornery blister on my big toe.

Since these are the same shoes I wear on the treadmill, I wasn’t about to stop my three-mile walk just because of a little pain.

Now, it hurts more than just a little.

One pair of shoes gone.




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