In response to my most recent post about skin cancer, my ex wrote, “I often wonder about the bumps and brown spots I have. The bumps can even be “pealed off”, but grow back. (Mainly on my legs) One spot is getting a rough texture to it…I probably need to go back to my dermatologist and have it checked out.”

I responded, “Absolutely have periodic checks. Especially after something is found the first time. GOOD LUCK!”

Our son, Sean added, “Absolutely times 100! Skin cancer is the easiest cancer to prevent from progressing.  However it’s also the most deadliest once it breaks the skin barrier and enters your system.”

As a child, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I don’t remember any kind of cap or hat. As a teenager, I harvested hay bales onto a slip pulled behind a tractor. Excuse the rough drawing, but I couldn’t find a picture.


We used hay hooks to grab the bales. This was about 1962-64. Yes, we wore hats, but that was to prevent sunstroke and sun burn. I don’t ever remember anyone saying a word about “skin cancer.”



As an adult, I would take the children outside for flag football. In later years, I took some of them hiking up into the mountains. I guess I was a horrible parent because I never worried about their skin.

Now I am paying for my ignorance. I pray my children don’t suffer as a result of my negligence.

I really do.





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