A few days ago, I enjoyed a film from Australia titled, “Tomorrow, When The War Began(sic).”
Since I have a few shirt-tail relatives living in Australia, I got to thinking about the concept of Australia as “Down Under.”
Remember the song by Men at Work titled “Down Under?”
I guess it is logical to think of the northern hemisphere as being on top of the world, since most explorers, inventions . . . AND maps . . . originate there.
I’ve never heard of anyone fighting the designation of down under.  Maybe the citizens even consider it a badge of honor?
All that being said, in my brain it is hard to imagine people in Australia LIVING UPSIDE DOWN!
Of course not!
If I am standing in Sydney, and I have never been taught about geography, I am going to think “I” am on TOP of the  world!!!
I looked for a map on the Internet that shows everything reversed.  In fact, the map is even titled, “Upside Down World Map.”
“Upside down?”
Who says!
(click image to enlarge, then click new image)

2 thoughts on “Down Under

  1. P.T. from Australia said, “Australians embrace being from “down under” which was coined not too long ago to promote Aus as a tourist destination. There is a certain pride in succeeding from being “underneath” the rest of the world. But. Truth be told. The world is a globe. Everything down is towards the center of the planet. Up is away from the center. So we are ALL on top of the world. Wherever we are.”


  2. Helen from Australia said, “When I travel to Asia Aussies are the “flavour of the month”, except for a few idiots who put Australia on the map for the wrong reason. However, Asians love Australian made products. They said because of our high standards. They notice we always lend a hand in our own country when disasters strikes and we are there in their countries helping out. I am very proud to call myself an Australian.”


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