Once upon a time, Alexander Ruth had a great idea!

Why not make a book out of all the little fairy tales he was telling children!

And so he did.

He even got a couple of friends to illustrate the book, and together they called it 24 CHRISTMAS TALES.

reindeerOh, but then Ruth added one more story and the book became 21+1 CHRISTMAS TALES: BUTTERFLY ADVENTURES IN SANTA’S SECRET CITY.

Then, a friend said, “I know what! Let’s translate the book into English!”

And so they did.

You may have heard the expression, “It looses something in the translation?”

Well, that is exactly what happened, boys and girls. As much fun as 24 Christmas Tales was in German, it just wasn’t as much fun in English. And when the book came out in America, even the illustrations were lost!

Oh, dear.

Oh, well, at least a few German children will sleep tight tonight after someone reads them all about “the fabulous adventures of butterflies Martha, Darfo, Sonya and Johnny at Santa’s Secret City. They are accompanied by their friends the three electric blue fireflies and the fearful phoenix.”

Sorry America!



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