Saturday nigh I came home from the gym exhausted.

It felt like my entire body was shaking on the inside.  No visible movement, just a very dull ache.  Weak as a kitten.

Come bath time, I thought a good soak in Epsom salt would do me good.

After a good soak, I pulled the plug and got out.  Then, the weakness came after me with a vengeance.  I tried to break my fall by sticking my right hand on the side of the tub, but that slipped, and down I crashed inside the tub.  Sideways.

My fingers were sore, but not dislocated or broken.  Then I assessed the rest of me.  I was stuck on my right side.  I couldn’t move.

splishsplashMy entire body felt like it was encased in cement.  I could barely lift my arms, they were so heavy.  So weak I could not pull myself up.

Movement came very, very slowly, and with a great deal of moaning and groaning.  I wondered if my neighbors could hear me.  Did I want to cry out for help?  Naked?

I decided to keep trying, and after several miserable minutes, I was able to stand up and get out.

My legs were shaking, and threatened to bring me back down.

Slowly, I recovered.

Nothing broken.  Or even bruised.

Just my ego.




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