After my mother died in December of 1992, I went into obsessive mode and cranked out 500 pages of the book, DEATH: THEN WHAT? It is a very extensive look into the hereafter.

I wrote, “Where do we go after we die? What will heaven be like for you? . . . Just what WILL we be doing 1,000 years from now? . . . .Many philosophers, religious leaders, celebrities, and political leaders have written their answers to this fascinating question. Excerpts from some of their published observations follow. . . The views of the hereafter held by the people next door fascinate us as much as the views of the famous. By computer modem, THE question was asked of people around the world. . . Views of hell are not the main focus of this work, but the subject is unavoidable when talking about the hereafter.”


The general consensus seemed to be that we would all join together in one happy ether of energy. I found that disconcerting and disagreeable.

During my research, I also hit upon this phrase in the Bible, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.” John, 14:2


Apart from the conundrum of how a “house” could contain “many mansions,” I found that idea a little more to my liking. Different strokes for different folks. No sense merging murderers and saints together.

I also encountered many episodes from people who claimed to have Near Death Experiences. Except for those who “visited” hell, many described following a bright light through a tunnel until the subject was wrapped in the arms of loved ones or even God. That seems just a bit too “groovy.” Even further research convinced me these people were not visiting heaven. They viewed only a “waiting room,” because a final judgment has not yet been declared.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what those “mansions” just might look like. Or even the Waiting Room. I mean, do they have walls? Paintings on the walls? Staircases? Windows? Windows looking out upon what? Couches? Beds? Pillows?

You might laugh, but what is YOUR view?

Comments welcome.




2 thoughts on “This Ole House

  1. I believe it will be a lot like the movie “what dreams my come”. That theory is whatever you think afterlife will be like, you’re right. I hope it’s a big beautiful field where I can run and play barefoot with friends and family. And eat anything I want!


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