Saturday, October 15th was a bad day at the gym.

We only played full court basketball for a couple of hours, but I was exhausted long before quitting time. I ran out of gas early, and was useless too my young teammates. I MIGHT have scored one basket and threw several key screens, but that was about it.

As I left the gym, I wondered if that was my last time playing full-contact basketball – or ANY kind of basketball.

The next Saturday – the 22nd – we had to play in the hot Utah sun. I mistakenly brought a jug of lemonade instead of my usual pints of water, and that was a big mistake.

I ran out of gas much sooner playing outdoors than I had in the gym. After less than 90 minutes, I left the court in total embarrassment.

Yesterday, Monday, October 24th, it was even worse. I could not complete my full workout at the gym. By the time I got around to throwing the medicine balls, it felt like my strength was leaving me. I cut down my repetitions and went home early.

I felt my strength draining out of me like water. This photo is EXACTLY how I felt.


I lay down on my bed, and the water continued to drain away. It felt like I would eventually be totally empty – a hollow man.

For all I knew, I was dying.

I wanted to start calling my six children, and found it too difficult to pick up the phone.

I wiggled my toes and flexed my fingers just to check. They all moved.

I lay still, waiting for the vertigo and nausea to come and take me away.

I felt a little dizzy, but no steep vertigo, and no nausea.

I was ready to die.

It struck me as very odd how calmly I was approaching death. I was not worried about my affairs, or how my children would dispose of my belongings. I wasn’t even worried about my unfinished business with God.

byebyelove2Not being worried about God! Now THAT was a surprise!

Obviously, I recovered. A piece of chicken and some soda brought me back to my senses.

I was ready to give up the ghost the same day my life-long hero Bobby Vee died.

Today, I returned to the gym and completed my routine.

I wonder how I will do at basketball this coming Saturday.

It could be my last game.




3 thoughts on “Bye, bye, love

  1. Portiasaid, ” Symptomatic of heat stroke. Not good. You need electrolytes when you are so stressed. I hate advertising but that is exactly what gatorade was designed for. Your psychological reaction was a bit of a surprise. You need to look after yourself. Huggs”


  2. Pat said,” I agree with Portia. You might consider why you expect your body to run with the young pups, take steps to avoid heat stroke, and think about more reasonable demands on your physical resources.”


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