SPOILER ALERT: if you have not watched LONDON HAS FALLEN, but you might in the future, do not read any further.

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. Most often, it is used for creating scenes or special effects in films and television.

Generally speaking, I hate it.

Having spent some time in movies and television, I can usually spot CGI in seconds. Most often, it just looks so fake it detracts from what I am watching.

However, if CGI is welded seamlessly into the action, I can suspend disbelieve and enjoy myself. One of my all time favorite movies is Star Wars IV. Those effects were really great. Unfortunately, one of the Star Wars prequels had hundreds of storm troopers discharged from a transport. THAT was NOT believable.

The trailers and other ads for the movie LONDON HAS FALLEN showed absolutely horrible CGI. I could not believe the producers used some of the more unbelievable scenes. That said, I watched it on Netflix yesterday (10/13/16). My son David has inspired me to give CGI a chance.  I actually enjoyed this movie!


When one of the helicopters turned at right angles to absorb an enemy missile, I shed a tear. The pilot so calmly said, “Prepare for sacrifice,” seconds before being blown to bits. That concept overcame any discomfort with the CGI. The intense action also added to my enjoyment.

The first few episodes of the TV drama DESIGNATED SURVIVOR, on the other hand, used some of the worst CGI ever created. The producers should never have settled for the lousy CGI of a mostly destroyed US Capitol. I was so tempted to stop watching, but I really wanted to see how Kiefer Sutherland would handle his role. I absolutely loved his portrayal of Jack Bauer on 24.


Fortunately, Sutherland is doing a great job. He is evolving from an insecure HUD Secretary to a firm President. Well done.

I still hate CGI, but I am growing used to it.




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