Dedicated to she who cannot be held


Your fiery tresses
capture me as golden chains
more supreme than Gordian’s knot

I watch you from afar
transfixed by your clean, laughing, bright eyes
that have seen no man

Oh, but that I could be the man
that so boldly cuts the knot
and sets your young heart free.

Your exquisite beauty entraps you all around
but my sin is to only dream of loving you.
daring not to even move or speak as you fade from view

A breeze blows, and I can smell the honeysuckle
that swirls and dances and climbs and twists about your perfect form
as angels caressing golden harp strings

The music so sweet
why could the poet be not I
the stranger you do not know

All is lost
for I am as dross as you are fair
My heart aches so hard in my wretched chest

Surely the pain will take my breath
and throw me o’er the cliff I dare not see
but I linger – fingers reaching. Aching

Love has never been so strong
and its answer so fragile
for they pass as strangers




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