It has been over three decades since I told a neighbor, “I don’t expect to live until I am 40 years old.”

64In a very few days, I turn 71. Who knew!

I help take care of a little old lady. She is 88.


“I” am a “little old” man!

I’m not exactly little – standing six feet tall and weighing just under 200 pounds – but you get my drift.

I’m sure anything over 64 is considered old.

With a bunch of health concerns, I have promised myself that four months before I die, I am going to eat whatever and whenever I feel like it.

At age 72, I am going to stop playing basketball and stop going to the gym evey day.

Or maybe I’ll stop at 71.

I feel old.



One thought on “When I’m 64

  1. Brenda said: “Noooooooooo! Keep being active or you really will feel your “old” age. I’m so proud of you and tell everyone I know my dad still plays full court basketball and walks 3 miles a day”


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