Last night there was this big reception.


The fella that arranges home health care nurses for me and my neighbor got married to this gorgeous prison guard.  Don’t ask me how they met, because I haven’t heard that side of the story.  We love the guy!

So anyway, I pick up my neighbor – this 88-year-old Japanese widow lady – and off we go into a thunderstorm.

fixinAt least half the traffic lights are out, so this 16 minute trip takes at least half an hour.  I took a shortcut, or we might still be out there somewhere.

As she gets out of the car, the widow lady says, “I’m dizzy.”

“Oh crap,” I say to myself.  “After we both get all dressed up and the car does noble work fighting through the storm, you are going to chicken out now!”

But I grit my teeth, and guide her meticulously into the house for the reception.

Lovely time.

Great little oriental snacks in individual packages.  That has got to be the bridegroom’s influence, since he spent a couple of years in Japan.

Did I mention the Japanese widow and the groom chattered away in Japanese like long-lost relatives?  That was one of the reasons I went through all this, just so the little old widow could chatter away in Japanese.  Really!!

So, it is time to go, and back come the complaints about being dizzy.

As I shuffle her off into the car, we agree the widow is suffering from Agraphobia.  Yes sir.  Agraphobia.  Makes one dizzy to be around all those people, don’t you know.

With the storm outside and the complaining inside, I decide to get a little grumpy.  But not out loud, you understand.  I wouldn’t want to speak out against a widow.  An 88-year-old widow.  From Japan.

So, the thunderstorm has eased up a bit by the time we drive home.  We later learn a tornado touched down just a couple of miles away – in a suburb where my family and I use to live.  No one hurt.

On the way back, not quite as many street lights are on the blink, so we get home safe and sound.

All the time she is still dizzy.

I smile.  Cussing inside my head, but I am smiling!

Now, you understand, I have vestibular dysfunction, so I am dizzy ALL the time.  I smash into walls, and car doors and kitchen cabinets, on a regular basis.  No lie!!

Plus, I have a really bad heart, so I go smacking about when my heart stops for a couple of beats.  My legs go numb if they stay put more than a few minutes.  That will make anyone dizzy.

I take my second bath of the night after watching the Patriots beat up on another poor team.  Sigh.

I go to bed, and the next morning, I wake up dead.

From dizziness.




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