TelstarFeel Virtual Objects Without the Glove: (Seeker.com) Haptics are a happening area in virtual reality these days. The term refers to devices and technologies that produce tactile sensations to go along with all those immersive visuals and sounds. The makers of the Oculus Rift, along with parent company Facebook, are working on a potential haptic add-on to their virtual reality headset. It’s called HapticWave, and it’s kind of like a omnidirectional virtual reality glove, without the glove. . . . the designers are noodling around with game design concepts in which your hand become a kind of tactile stand-in for the rest of your body. Let’s say a post-apocalyptic super mutant is sneaking up from behind. You could actually feel the footfalls at the base of your palm.


Feel what you play (Teslasuit) Virtual Reality Suit. Teslasuit is the connection between real world and virtual reality. The idea is to use both environments to achieve the maximum result. We are sure that you will have the chance of getting a new impression from video games. It will also open new opportunities in architecture and design, medicine and psychology.




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