Two months after Once Upon a Time, the Good-Looking Woman anchored the last stitch in the chair cover she was repairing. She wasn’t in a very good mood as she stuffed the extra calico, leather, tartan, and broad sail into her voluminous bag. This was definitely NOT what she wanted to be doing with her life.

The Good-Looking Woman put on a fake smile for her customer as she accepted the two coins for her work. She really shouldn’t be so generous, she reflected. That repair job was easily worth five coins.

Still, a woman did what a woman had to do now days. She hurried home as fast as possible without getting a speeding ticket. Ha, that was funny, because this 1949 Studebaker couldn’t speed if she wanted it to!

Finally, she was home,and almost cried as she heard her two little ones inside the house. “Thanks, sis,” she mumbled as she dropped the bag and scooped up the children. “You are a life-saver.”

If only her husband hadn’t died from that wicked dragon tail injury last year. “I’ll make it up to you.”

StardustHer kind sister picked up her things and left. Now it was time to read the children to sleep. She picked up the worn shop manual for the 2006 Chevy Cobalt one more time. The pages were frayed, and some of the bent-down corners were beginning to tear. But she was about to escape into her favorite world, and the girls were just as excited as she was to see what was next. She put one child on each knee, propped the manual between them, and turned to the shabby bookmark.

“Oh, look!” she exclaimed. “The transmission has been rebuilt, and we can now lower it into place!”

Both girls giggled with joy. The Good-Looking Woman resumed the story from last night. Of course, she didn’t read the words in the manual,, but created a whole new world with brand new words, with a guaranteed happy ending. “The gears meshed perfectly, “she sighed. “With a few quick turns of the wrench, the transmission was seated into place. The Chevy would soon be as good as new. Maybe even better!”

The Good-Looking Woman read a few more pages as the girls fell fast asleep. Soon, the Good-Looking Woman also drifted off – a winsome smile on her face.

She awoke at 0630 as was required of her. She eased the girls into the bed, and slipped out of the bedroom. The newspaper had arrived on schedule for the sixteenth time in a row, and that meant it was going to be a Good Friday. She smiled, even though she hadn’t had a proper bowel movement since Tuesday.




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