Somewhere in the back of my mind, Michael Jordan wore a new pair of basketball shoes for every game.

Perhaps Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors wears a new pair for every game?

My daughter bought me a pair of Nike basketball shoes a few years ago.  They get a lot of wear, especially on Saturdays when we play up to three hours of “pick-up” ball.

I’ve got several pair of shoes, including orthopedic, so the Nikes have just been for basketball.

SoulManThis last Saturday, I felt like I was going to trip as I ran down the floor.  I didn’t want to stop and check out my shoes, because I was positive the soles were coming off.  If I confirmed the shoes were broken, I would have to stop playing.  NOT an option!

So, today, I checked.  Sure enough – the soles are peeling off.

Time to buy a new pair.  Bright red.  Green.   Blue.

Anything but white!


UPDATE: 7/12/16

SoulMan2Found some new shoes, and they are actually BASKETBALL SHOES!!  High tops!

FUBU 16.  $5 on sale at Walmart!

Plus, a pair of Dr, Scholl’s walking shoes, also $5!

Ain’t I grand!!!




UPDATE: 7/14/16

I wanted colored shoes, but have switched out the laces to red ones!



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