For some unknown reason, I’ve been going through a lot of computers.  Like, they die right in front of me.

Last week, my latest computer got hacked, and I was ransomed!  Took me many hours and many tears to recover from that one.  Fortunately, we have many computer experts in the family.  If we didn’t, I don’t know what I would do.

I have often contemplated going cold turkey.  When the PC was ransomed, I figured that was exactly where I was headed – whether I wanted to or not!

Before this PC came into my life, when the previous PC died, I sent the hard drive to our son Sean.  He rescued it, put the hard drive in a small enclosure, and returned it to me. Now, this is where the plot thickens.

To hook the salvaged drive to my PC, I need a USB to USB cable.  Same connection on both ends.  Sounds simple, right?



My first stop was a thrift store.  Nope.

Walmart.  “We don’t carry that cable.  Try Best Buy.”

Best Buy.  Nope.

Radio Shack.  “They don’t make that cable anymore.”

PC Laptops gave me a  six-foot cable, but it was too long.  Seems the drive needs power, and the juice weakens between the drive and the PC if the cable is too long..

Second thrift store.  Nope.

Another computer store.  Nope.

Still another computer store.  Nope.

How many stops is that?  Over several days?  I lost count.  I still don’t have a cable,

What gives???




4 thoughts on “Gee Whiz

  1. Sean wrote, ” This is very strange. I was at my local computer store yesterday and they had piles of them. The thing about the length isn’t correct. If the six footer didn’t work, then something else is wrong. The USB 2 specification allows for cables up to 16 feet. Try plugging the 6 footer into a different port.” No go. Just tried a different port. Maybe the guy at the store was just trying to make money by selling me a new mini- case and cable for $30, but his cable worked. He may not have known anything better.


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