Sunny2Skin cancer keeps sneaking up on me from time-to-time.  I’ve had several different types cut off me.

I’ve been advised more than once to stay out of the sun, and to cover up when going outside.

Of course, trying to be macho, I keep disobeying instructions, and I keep returning to the doctor.

In 2004, I had 35 radiation rods implanted in my prostate.  A small cancer, but why not nip it in the bud.

Those rods have caused my prostate to swell.  Sometimes, I cannot urinate because of the swelling.

As a result, I have been given various pills to try and help shrink the prostate.  None really work.

The latest pill is Lasix.  The instructions that came with the pills told me to avoid direct sunlight.

Where have we heard that before!

SunnyYesterday, I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a car repair to be finished.  Because I was not sure when I would get my car back, my regular schedule was ruined.  I was not able to get to the gym as I usually do.

When I was finally promised a return of my car, I waited outside for the driver to pick me up and take me to the garage.  I figured if I paced back and forth on the sidewalk, at least I could get SOME exercise done.

I walked at a brisk pace – back and forth – for 30 minutes.  I wore a long sleeved shirt, and my Indiana Jones hat for protection from the sun.  The hottest day of the year so far.

The protection was inadequate.  I had a touch of sunstroke the rest of the night.

Most effected were my eyes.  I could barely focus.

I had forgotten that sunlight bounces off sidewalks and into our eyes no matter what hat we wear.

Thank the good Lord I can see this morning.

Another close call.




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