Ogden Time Trap escape room challenges locals with life-sized gaming experience

(This reminds me of the episode in THE BIG BANG THEORY where the gang is LOCKED in a room and given clues to get out. Oh, and the room had a “zombie” in it!)


MulberryNo, it’s not a sci-fi thriller or slasher horror film. It’s Time Trap, a new Ogden business that takes gaming to a new level, putting players inside a family-friendly problem-solving game to save Ogden.

Brian Hicks, a local real estate agent, and Sean O’Brien, a freelance writer, have teamed up to open Time Trap at 3590 Harrison Blvd., unit G1.

“This is better than video or board games,” O’Brien said in a statement. “Escape rooms give you a chance to be inside the game rather than it being in front of you on a table or a screen.”

In an escape room, groups as large as eight people are put inside themed rooms and given puzzles to solve. The ultimate goal is to find clues that will help them find their way out of the room within an hour.

Time Trap’s current theme is “Supervillain Takedown,” which puts players inside the headquarters of a fictional superhero — “Wasatch Warrior” — and tasks them with saving the city from evil.

Time Trap hopes to have a second Egyptian-themed room open in about a month . . . .


Many such places opening around the country.




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