Some odd years ago, I bought my first VIZIO flat screen 32″ HDTV.

Model 3221VL, to be precise!  🙂

It didn’t take me long to find the proper cable to run from my laptop to the TV.

Now that same TV is on its third PC!

SunshineThe kicker – I just barely figured out how to adjust the TV picture so it looks decent!

I mean, I have the PC within 2 feet of the TV, and was bugged that the PC screen looked much sharper.

Some weeks ago, I was watching this movie about monsters in the bottom of a caving system, and man, if bugged me that I couldn’t see the monsters in the dark!!!  Really bugged me!

Anyway, I fumbled around with the VIZIO remote, found “picture” as a menu choice.  For years, “picture” has been on “standard,” probably because I have been too stupid to mess with it.  I figured “standard” meant ” all purpose.”


I have now settled in on “vivid” under the “picture” choice.  I wanted to choose “game,” because we have so many gamers in the family (David actually works for Intel under the gamers banner), but “vivid” matches my PC best.

I also used an image from a screen saver while matching things up.  I used a picture of an icy riverbank our son Sean took.  I now have a fairly decent match between PC and TV!

I could fine-tune the TV picture even further, but for now, I am happy to have come this far!!

You can find advice all over the Internet on how to fine tune YOUR HDTV, but I only used my own taste as a guide.  Here is a guide from Consumer Reports, for example.

Happy fine tuning!!!




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