Last night and this morning melted into one horrible convergence.

RickyAs I was trying to get updates on the Golden State Warriors quest for victory 73, my phone locked up. Losing the phone signal also meant losing the Internet (bundled).

This morning, my carrier failed to leave a newspaper at my door (again).

Talk about feeling isolated!

No, seriously – my blood pressure went higher last night, and it was hard to sleep. I was picturing what my alternatives were, and how soon I could start working on them. 0730 was too early for any store to open, so I tried vainly to sleep. 0830 was still too early. A storm moved in, so it was almost as black as midnight.

Finally, just before 0900, the phone decided to revive. The Internet was close behind.

0935, and the back up carrier to the back up carrier just dropped off a newspaper.

Talk about a sigh of relief!!!!!  Three long sighs, and a deep breath!!!

It has not been a month since I signed up for a $60 “unlimited” data and phone program from Metro PCS. The unlimited data ran out after 8MB, so I went back to ask why. I hadn’t read the very, very fine print – nor had the young woman selling me my phone and policy. I asked for my $114 back. Not possible.

I asked that my phone number be restored back to my old phone – forget about Metro PCS. “We own that number!” What! Metro PCS OWNS a phone number I have had since 1986????

So when I lost all service last night – probably a virus – you can see how panicked I was.

I guess I could never live on a desert island, as much as I fantasize about such a thing!

A truly dark night!



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