Please help me I’m falling

My mother fell and broke her hip. She was 93, and taking Coumadin. To operate, she was taken off the blood thinner. She came out of the operation okay, but before she could fully recover, she had a stroke. Then another. She spent her last few months in a coma.

When she died, we agreed it was the lack of a blood thinner that killed her, not the fall.

Old people falling and breaking their hips is common. Many die. At age 70, I am desperately afraid of following in their footsteps.

In 2008 at age 63, I collapsed. No bones broken. The ER diagnosed Labyrinthitis.

Before I fell again this last December, I checked myself in to InstaCare. The diagnosis this time was Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Another doctor or two and I still didn’t have a final verdict. FINALLY, my personal physician settled on Vestibular Dysfunction.

Whatever you call it, I get dizzy and sometimes I start to fall down.

PleaseHelpMeImFallingI’ve been in physical therapy for a couple of months, and the tests keep getting more and more difficult. Yesterday was the worst.

I was hooked in to a parachute harness and stood on a moving platform. I was facing the interior of the booth as the floor started shifting. Not too bad. In fact, as the test progressed, and I encouraged the therapists to make it tougher. They did.

I collapsed.

I have a bad heart, so my bad circulation probably contributed to my fall. Whatever, I was down for the count. I vaguely remember someone say my pulse was around 40.

It took some time to recover. I had to lie down with my feet in the air, etc.

Entering the room Friday, I told the therapists I wanted to “graduate.” I was done with all these exercises and all the vision/balance homework they gave me. I was failing half the tests I was supposed to complete at home. Enough.

Not so fast.

By collapsing in the booth, I had proven to them not only did I need to continue, I need even STRONGER therapy. THE THERAPY WILL LAST THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Some day, they plan to hook me in to that harness and turn up the intensity.

It makes me sick.



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