Some years back, I had a Totally Awesome desktop computer. No, really, that was the name of the company!

The tower lasted longer than the store – the owner was a flake – but eventually, the hard drive bit the dust. The computer was several years old, so it gave me great service.

When the drive died, I gave it to my son Sean, who rescued the data and sent me an external drive. He saved everything!

LoveYouSaveFast forward a few years to late 2015. My main laptop died. Sean did his best, but the thing was wiped by its own hardware!

A couple of weeks ago, my backup laptop died. Sean is trying to salvage that one right this moment.

I have backup files scattered hither and yon. Some files are on thumb drives, and some are in a “cloud” Sean created for me. Some are gone forever.

None of the above is automatic. If I don’t transfer a file, it does not get backed up!

I’ve looked at on-line clouds, but those that do automatic backups eventually cost money if you have more than a few files. Now then, what to do?

My mother used to say I am a “late bloomer.” Absolutely true. I am now 70, and I still don’t catch on to things that are right, smack, dab in front of me. I mean, some things don’t become clear to me for YEARS!

Today, after decades of owning computers – and watching them die – I finally went to Walmart and bought a WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition external drive for $70. After looking at some instructions on the Internet (nothing came in the package), I am backing up this computer as we speak.

It’s about time!



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