The further adventures of the three bears

Once upon a time – several months ago – three bears were hired to deliver newspapers.

They started by rolling up the newspapers into very small, tight, little cylinders. They would wrap each cylinder with a rubber band and twist it around and around three times. The cylinders looked and felt just like little pipes. THE NEWSPAPERS WERE TOO HARD.

The supervisors of the three bears scolded them, and scolded them, and scolded them many times. Little old ladies and little old men were complaining how they could not get the rubber bands off the hard little cylinders. The little old ladies and little old men had to cut the rubber bands off with a scissors! Then they had to lay the newspaper on the floor for an hour or so until the newspaper almost got back to a flat shape.

The supervisors growled at the three bears so many times, that the three bears decided to show them who was the boss. One day, they started delivering the newspapers flat! No rubber bands at all! Sometimes the newspapers would blow away in the wind! Sometimes, the newspapers would get all wet and soggy because the three bears would not put them inside some cute little bags. THE NEWSPAPERS WERE TOO SOFT!


This time, it was the manager who huffed and puffed at the three bears. She shook her finger at them and told them to “Bag ’em or band ’em! No excuses!”

Today was a very sunny day in the land of the three bears. Everyone was smiling and happy (except the three bears). Today, the newspapers were delivered nicely folded over with a fresh, new rubber band! THE NEWSPAPERS WERE JUST RIGHT!

The manager was so happy, she began singing, “Their is sunshine in my soul today!” Then the supervisors started singing! Then the whole newspaper building stated to sing. “Their is sunshine in my soul today!” Everyone was singing!

Except the three bears.



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