GoldfingerSheldon of the BIG BANG THEORY can’t wait until nanotechnology becomes so advanced it can turn him into a human robot. He plans to live forever.

Our son David is excited at the possibility as well. Moore’s Law says the number of transistors that can be fit on a computer chip will double every two years. If David can just last a few more years!

By the sheerest coincidence, David now works for Intel, the leading chip maker!

The coincidence extends beyond belief as Intel has set the mark for the best commercials on television – maybe since forever! Many of these spots feature none other than . . . . . Sheldon of the BIG BANG THEORY!

Click this link to watch, including the Lady Gaga version. You can even subscribe to be updated!

If you right click while an ad is running, you will even get a drop down menu listing the stats for that commercial. Their is even a choice for “nerd facts!”

BTW, our son Tyrone figured he might die some day, so he wants his body to be cast into a statue. Maybe even gold!

Live on!



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