Let’s just say Monday, February 8, 2016 was different.

Some parts of this post may sound familiar. Please bear with me – I promise some new twists AND a punch line at the end!

SeeMeFor the last couple of months, I have had a balance problem. Dizziness coupled with a weird feeling in my head. The same symptoms put me in the ER back in 2008.

Monday, the doctor at InstaCare said I had Benign Paroxysmal Postional Vertigo. We all have small crystals in our inner ears to keep us balanced. Mine were messed up. He sent me to a physical therapist.

The therapist put a computerized pair of binoculars over my eyes. She had me twist this way and that way, including dangling my head off the bed.

She gave me an eye exercise as homework, but that just made my head ache.

After a couple of session of therapy, she wanted a second opinion to make sure we weren’t overlooking some deeper problem.

So I ended up with a 90 minute session with an audiologist. Let’s call him “Dr. Frank.”

First up, your standard hearing test in a closed booth. No claustrophobia for me, but I was really distracted by ambient sounds. I could hear Dr. Frank moving around. I could hear the printer track my responses. Lots of extraneous input.

The audiologist had a more sophisticated set of goggles that the therapist. He had lots more lights and exercises to track my eye movement – I was supposed to keep looking straight ahead, regardless of what else I was seeing.

He also did the body twists and the head hanging. My head was moved around and locked in odd positions so many times my neck now hurts. I took a pain pill yesterday when I got home, and another one today.

He also cleaned out a ton of ear wax – AFTER the hearing test! Hunh?


I had my ears cleaned just a few weeks ago, so how could I possibly create so much new wax so quickly!!

Dr. Frank had one more exercise for me – blowing alternate blasts of hot and cold air into each ear. He had me do several variations of thought concentration like counting even numbers, and then odd. I told him about each of my children.

I was not able to get through all the exercises smoothly. In fact, I had a miserable time. Whenever my heart has stopped in the past, my hands go numb, and my body goes clammy. It was happening again.

I had symptoms of a weak heart as early as 1984, and finally had a pacemaker installed in 1999 at age 54. When the batteries died in 2009, I did not replace it – I have been very active instead.. During the exam, I was scared to death I my heart was going to stop.

SeeMe3I needed a time out, and I staggered all over the place. I grabbed his arm for support so tightly I am sure he now has a bruise.

I forced myself to complete the air blasts, because he said I would have to come back another day if I didn’t finish.

To complicate things beyond belief, he had BOTH the next patient AND a photographer in the waiting room! I had gone about six minutes over my appointed time, so I was very anxious to get things done, and get out of the way.

As I left, I asked for a printed report, but Dr. Frank told me he was going to send it to my primary care physician instead.

He DID say I do NOT have BPPV. I’ll just have to wait for the rest pf his report.

Meanwhile, today was as smooth as silk – except for the neck pain. Knock on wood.

Has it just been the ear wax all this time?

Ear wax????



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