My first couple of therapy sessions for my vertigo seemed to work. Then, I had a relapse. I am as dizzy as ever. I still have four sessions scheduled.

My Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo has proven more stubborn than anticipated. Therapy readjusted the “rocks in my head” (inner ear), but I must have shaken them lose again.

During my third session, my therapist referred me to an audiology expert. On Monday (Feb. 8, 2016) I’ll have several tests performed. I can’t use some of my favorite prescriptions the day before, including Ambien. Translation: no sleep.

If I understand it correctly, the first part of the exam will be a standard hearing test while in a booth.


Next, I’ll put on a darkened headset called a videonystagmoscope and I will be shown a wild light show. I’m supposed to keep my eyes looking straight ahead.

This is a different headset than the one my therapist uses.

THEN comes the fun part. They will blow in my ears – warm and cold blasts – which MIGHT make me vomit!


My therapist thought they might spin me in a chair for the vomiting part, but the ear thingy has updated that test.

Then what? After the tests?

Danged if I know.



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