Okay. If I obey all the suggestions in this handout;

I am not supposed to look up.

I am not supposed to bend over.

I am supposed to sleep in a recliner.

I am supposed to get out of bed slowly.

I am not supposed to sleep on my left side – or is it my right side?

These helpful hints came after my first physical therapy session for my Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. (Extreme dizziness.)

I was also advised to NOT go to the gym after treatment.

BeansInMyEarsAs the treatment began, my therapist had me put on some very heavy goggles. They were supposed to cut off all light, but no matter how we adjusted the dang things, light leaked in all over the place. I was told this goggle thingy and computer were very expensive.

Each side had a camera pointed toward my eye, and I was supposed to hold my eyes open during each stage of the analysis. A wastepaper basket was always kept close in case I needed to vomit.

My head was tilted here and there. I was gently rolled around. I didn’t throw up, but rapidly turning over from my right side to my left was definitely a nauseating trip.

That was the whole idea, I guess – to see what made me sick so treatment could be adjusted.

BPPV is what happens when the small rocks in our inner ear (otoconia) don’t stack up correctly. If the pile gets tossed out of order, we get dizzy and nauseous. Our eyes jerk, even though we don’t notice the movement. In addition to vertigo, we might feel dizzy, lightheaded, unbalanced, have difficulty concentrating, and experience nausea. Their is an increased risk of falls. (I can’t walk without grabbing stuff to hang on to.)

The therapy attempts to put the rocks back in their proper order on the pile.

basketball3As I reflected on what brought me to this point, I remembered all the times I was hit in the head whilst playing basketball. Or the numerous times a rebounding medicine ball has clipped my head at the gym.

No wonder I have rocks in my head.

Yesterday (Jan. 22, 2016) was my first therapy session. It took one long, agonizing week between my diagnosis and the first treatment. Except for one trip to the gym, I pretty much stayed in bed. Even that was difficult, as my head was not supposed to roll just any-which-way. Of course, my muscles were sore after my workout – it doesn’t take long to lose tone!

More therapy sessions are scheduled through February 3.

After my diagnosis, my doctor told me not to drive. Looking from side to side could bring on an episode, and I would crash into someone.

So I haven’t driven – too much.



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