ThreeLittleFishies“You have got to be kidding!  Eat raw fish?  Never!”

That was my first reaction when I heard about sushi.

I formed a mental wall against such an extravagance for decades.

My early encounter with caviar as a youngster helped reinforce my resistance.

Then, a few years ago, some of our children declared they enjoyed the delicacy.

I still held out.

I was almost 70 when an Oriental buffet near my apartment offered up sushi, and so I thought I would give it a try.

And another try.

And another.

“Hey, I just might like this stuff!”

They allowed take-homes for just fifty-cents a slice!  Heck, a Japanese neighbor has paid up to $6 a slice!

That was then.  This is now.

sukiyakiRightThat same Oriental buffet has offered up STALE sushi during two visits.  I knew better than to eat raw fish that was brown, but I charged ahead.  Twice.

Our son David and I ate there yesterday, and I came home very, very, very sick.

I’m done.


Oh, I forgot.  This is the exact same Oriental Buffet that gave me contact dermatitis back in August.  That rash on both arms didn’t leave for months – after antibiotics!

I told David we were not going back.  He agreed.




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