TurnTurnTurnMonday (Jan. 4) my front tires did not pass a safety inspection. They only have 24,688 miles on them. They are guaranteed for 65,000 miles. That means they SHOULD be good for another 40,312 miles!

This morning when I went to the same Walmart Service Bay where I bought all four tires, I was refused any credit toward replacement tires.

I am a dedicated preventative maintenance freak. I’ve taken the car through regular service, including tire rotation, steering alignments, and brakes. I brought my records with me just in case the issue arose.

My records were inadequate. It seems that each time I told the mechanic, “Rotate the tires if needed,” that oral command was never written down.

I had great records EXCEPT for each time the tires were rotated.

Because I had no record of rotations, my warranty was void!

Moral of the story: make sure you get a WRITTEN record for all service work.

I loose.



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