” researchers have discovered that playing 3-D video games , , , , ,   may boost memory and stimulate the brain.”

Exercise for the brain: Why 3-D video games might actually be good

WASHINGTON POST – 24 December 2015 –

DayTripper. . . .  becoming engrossed in the virtual world of a video game may have value beyond pure fun.  Recent research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science has found evidence that playing certain video games can be like exercise for the brain.

. . . . . individuals who frequently play action games like first-person shooters outperform non-gamers on a variety of perceptual and cognitive measures — visual acuity, decision making, object tracking, and task switching to name a few.

Now, researchers have discovered that playing 3-D video games — those that immerse the player in a three-dimensional world with a more true-to-life, first-person perspective — may boost memory and stimulate the brain.

A new study published this month in the Journal of Neuroscience, trained college students with either a simple 2-D game (“Angry Birds”) or an intricate 3-D game (“Super Mario 3-D World”). The subjects had little to no experience with video games before the experiment, and were instructed to play for a half-hour per day for two weeks. After the training period, the groups took memory tests designed to activate the brain’s hippocampus, which is highly involved in the formation of new memories and becomes stimulated when navigating an unfamiliar environment.

The group that played “Super Mario 3-D World” improved their scores by about 12 percent after the two-week training, with performance correlating with the amount of exploration achieved in the game’s environment, while the 2-D “Angry Birds” cohort showed no significant progress.





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