It seems the cost of grapes and canned pineapple went up over night.  I walked out of one store, which I seldom do, and made a special trip to store number two.  Sure enough, the prices were a LOT cheaper!

Not knowing what to expect, I bought a case of canned pineapple.

SpoilThePartyI also bought a sandwich from the deli.  I’m not going to eat the sandwich, I bought it to emphasize a point.

Prepackaged foods have a great deal of other things in them, so be careful.  Even this innocent looking ham and cheese sandwich has a gob of preservatives and extra chemicals.   Their is far more than brown bread, ham, cheese, and lettuce.  Click the image to get a closer look.

Some time in the past, I heard a couple of rules I try to follow.

  1.  Don’t buy anything with a list of ingredients over five(?) items.
  2.  Don’t buy anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

This sandwich fails on both accounts.

So many prepackaged foods follow this same pattern, so I stay away from the central food aisles.  I shop the outside shelves.  I still don’t buy a”perfect” shopping list, but I try.  It isn’t easy.

Good luck!




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