When I was about seven, I thrilled to the Saturday ten cent double feature. In addition to a couple of movies, we were treated to some cartoons, AND a weekly serial.

My favorite life and death struggle was 12 episodes of RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON!

I couldn’t wait to see Commando Cody don his rocket suit and fly off to thwart the bad guys!

As far as reading went, I don’t recall getting deeply involved with any continuing characters that lived from book to book.

That’s not to say I didn’t read a lot, because I did. Just not any series. My favorite, Sherlock Holmes, doesn’t count because each mystery was self-contained.

So, as a 70-year-old geezer, I’ve been having trouble relating to this recent fad of serialized books – many being made into movies.

I saw at least the first Harry Potter movie, but didn’t get all that wrapped up in it. My father-in-law and at least one of my own grandchildren kept re-reading all the volumes!

I started watching the TV version of Game of Thrones and was sickened by the early violence, so dropped it like a hot potato.

It is no surprise that I haven’t even tackled Percy Jackson, Mockingjay, Hunger Games, or Maze Runner.

FlyMeToTheMoonAs I reflected on my exclusions, I thought I owed it to myself to at least TRY to get involved in this sort of addictive reading. When GOODREADS sponsored a contest for a free copy of FLIGHT OF THE KING by C.R. Grey, I decided to take my chances.

I won a copy!

It took Paper Lantern Lit two tries to get my prize to me, but it finally arrived – looking as if it had been shipped to me by an ornery bunch of over-worked elves down at the post office.

Still with high hopes, I took off the torn dust jacket, ignored the broken spine, and dove right in.

Oh, boy!

I had not noticed during the contest that this was book number TWO in the series. Now, with the pages opened, I soon learned my lesson – you cannot start one of these things LATE!

C.R. Grey makes a noble effort in the first chapter to catch me up on all that has happened before, but that is just the trouble, TOO MUCH has happened before!

Too much.

I reiterate, I am 70 years old, not 17. The series is obviously written for the YA – Young Adult – market, and I salute the author for the noble effort.

The author does not dwell on mature scenes that would give this book an “R” rating if filmed. A “PG-13” rating, perhaps.

So, enjoy my Young Adult friends. Enjoy!

I’m going back to Sherlock Holmes.




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