A couple of hours ago (Dec. 10, 2015) as I was driving home, I saw a lonely grey building just south of a bridge.

bridgeIn the past, I have seen cars parked there, but today only one van was in the parking lot.

I paid attention because at one time my daughter and son-in-law thought of opening a gym.  “It wasn’t going to be a franchise, just our own concoction,”  my daughter told me

A CROSSROADS FITNESS in Utah made the news last night because it is having meeting salaries and such.

Good thing my son-in-law didn’t buy in!

Sandy gym’s staff locks out customers; accuse owners of withholding pay

(KUTV Dec. 9 2015) Crossroads Fitness in Sandy was open for business Wednesday. 24 hours earlier, it was not.

Get Gephardt heard from several people saying that when they showed up to work out Tuesday, the door was locked. A sign on the door read the gym was “closed indefinitely” due to employees not being paid.

The sign was put up by Isiah Alexander Cummings, the gym’s general manager, on behalf of all the gym’s workers.

“We, as the employees, decided that we couldn’t keep being pushed around,” he said.

Alexander Cummings says that, week after week, for several months, his and his staff’s paychecks have been coming late or not at all. Then Tuesday, the last straw when he got a text message from one of the company’s co-owners.

“He basically told us that there would be no payroll and that the employees wouldn’t be paid,” Alexander Cummings said.

The gym was reopened after the sudden closure prompted the co-owner to rush to the gym and pay some of the employees. The payments came in the form of cash, not the usual way: a paycheck.




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