One of my neighbors is an 87-year-old widow from Japan.  I try to help Katsue whenever I can.

She had some medical complications and ended up getting a colonoscopy.  As she woke up, we talked about her diet with the nurse.

MiseryBefore the procedure, I had advised her  to watch what she was eating.  The nurse confirmed my advice that among other things, Katsue should stay away from salt and processed foods.  She loves prepared meat, meals and snacks.  So she was very disappointed.

She asked, “What about Arby’s?”


Before we left, the nurse asked, “How old are you?  87?  I tell you what, you can have one Arby’s per month!”

Katsue was very sad, but since that visit, more and more contraband has ended up in her grocery cart,

I  feel her pain.

Ever since I had an operation to remove a kidney stone in 1991, I’ve been trying desperately to prevent more stones.  My own diet has shrunk smaller and smaller as I eliminate more and more foods associated with stones.

In 1999, I had a pacemaker installed, so I also watch my diet for heart disease.

I am now 70 years old.  My menu gets smaller and smaller as I get older and older.

It is no fun.

In the first half of the COAST TO COAST AM broadcast for December 7, we received some health advice:

Dr. Joel Wallach discussed how to benefit from natural healing and diet without using modern medicine. Diseases and ailments are often related to deficiencies in various nutrients and minerals, he contends. Recently, the World Health Organization said that eating processed meats like deli slices and bacon increases your risk of cancer at the same rate as smoking, or working in an asbestos environment does, “and I said that since ’71, and everybody laughed at me,” he recalled. “When you cook your meat well done, it increases the risk of breast cancer for ladies by 462%,” he added.


I’ll share this with Katsue.

Wish me luck.  🙂




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