Most days of the week around 1:30 PM, you will find me at Planet Fitness.

For starters, I walk on a treadmill for one hour. I can usually reach three miles at a 4 degree tilt.

I make sure to clean the treadmill before I start with a disinfectant provided by the gym.

RubberBallThen, I head over to the medicine balls. The gym has a small trampoline, tilted just right so the balls will bounce back when thrown at it.

I start out with a four pound ball, thrown overhand for 30 easy repitions.

Then I go through a succession of heavier balls, increasing my reps with each new ball. For these heavier balls, I throw with my hands over my head.

I throw the 15 lb ball at least 40 times. On a good day, I can go for 50 throws.

I tell you that story so I can tell you this one:

Fot the last couple of weeks, my head has felt like a block of concrete. I had no idea why.

Wednesday (Nov. 25), I cleaned out my ears, thinking the wax was causing problems. Nothing,

Then my neck hurt and my tongue started swelling up.

The last thought I had as I went to sleep Wednesday night was that our son David was going to find me dead the next day. From choking on my tongue.

I didn’t die, but felt miserable Thursday morning – Thanksgiving Day.

I called Instant Care – closed.

I called my doctor – closed.

It didn’t feel right to check into the ER for an ear infection.

In desperation, I self-medicated with an antihistimine.

It seems to have helped.

I spent most of Thanksgiving Day in bed.

Now to connect the two stories:

I have felt for a very long time that the medicine balls are very dirty. I haven’t wiped them down with disinfectant like I have the treadmill. In particular, I have suspected the 15 lb ball of dropping all kinds of junk into my face as I lift it over my head.

A regular germ factory.




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