BareNecessities.My three-year-old grandson might giggle at the concept of a herd of naked moose. A magic magazine appears, and as they look at it, BAM, they stand up like people. They see they are naked, and get all shook up. They start looking for ways to cover their private parts. (Reminds me of Adam and Eve.)

Another look in the magazine, and BAM, each moose gets different clothes. They are happy with the results, and become one big happy family of Moose People.

Personally, I am not fond of the concept of THE MOOSE PEOPLE AND THE MAGIC MAGAZINE. You might want to look through this book before you buy it to make sure you or your children are not offended.

Once dressed, the story really does have a charm to it. but is a little too late for me.

Author Lynn Bogen does her own illustrations, which are very good. I think she may have had one of those “light bulb” moments, and then stretched it into a very different kind of story.

Several years ago, I starred in a video production of an animal who jumps from career to career with a BAM. I think I was either a dog or a bear, and in one scene I was a fireman, and in another a construction worker, and in another a doctor, etc. The producer gave up, ended up teaching, and I never saw the finished product.

We don’t get to see the finished product of this book, either. It ends with a BAM, and that is not what I expected. Until I figured out this is a promo for the next book in a series. I won this book in a drawing sponsored by GOODREADS.COM, and in an enclosed letter Bogen says we should watch for THE MOOSE PEOPLE BUILD A TOWN.

This first chapter is only a few pages long, so you might want to check out Bogen’s website to see what she is up to. MOOSEPOPLE.COM

Maybe your child will get a giggle

Just not me.




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