TimeOfTheSeasonOh, my stinkin’ grief!

Do we HAVE to go through this AGAIN?

The time for DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME has come and gone.

Let’s save money, energy, and frustration and get rid of this antique!

No, we do not HAVE to go with this stupidity.  Arizona and Hawaii have gotten rid of it.  Utah has brought the issue in front of lawmakers, but they have yet to pass the legislation.


If it is so dang important, let’s make it tear round!!!  Take a look at what the WASHINGTON POST had to say October 29, 2015 – emphasis mine.

Why daylight saving time could be even more awesome than you think

Making daylight saving time permanent — by never “falling back” again — could save the country billions a year in social costs by reducing rapes and robberies that take place in the evening hours, according to a forthcoming paper by researchers at the Brookings Institution and Cornell University.

This economic argument joins a long litany of other arguments in favor of a permanent DST extension. Changing the clocks in any direction is a major disruption to our daily rhythms, resulting in increased rates of heart attacks,car accidents and work injuries. Year-round DST could potentially save hundreds of lives from a reduction in traffic accidents. DST also causes people to spend more time outside, resulting in a 10 percent increase in daily calories burned, according to one study.

Stack all of these findings, plus the big savings in crime and social cost outlined in the new Brookings paper, and you have a really powerful empirical case for permanent DST.

“Only the government would believe you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket,” goes a saying of unknown provenance. It’s time to stop cutting that blanket.




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