WhoAreYouIn the first half of (the Coast to Coast AM broadcast of September 8), futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart , who developed a software-based forecasting technology called the Merlin Project, shared their timetraks (Merlin’s graphical snapshots) of the crowded field of US presidential candidates in the 2016 race. Based on a starting date (in the case of a person – their birth), the timetraks graph out periods of cyclical intervals, showing peak activity, as well as lulls. Surprisingly, most of the candidates’ timetraks do not show a great deal of activity during this time frame. Hart noted that this was an unusual election cycle, a populist stage on both sides, and the end of a 72-year cycle, when there’s typically a big turnover.

While Biden showed high activity spikes in the years 2007-2012, his chart is flat now, and Hillary’s timetrak doesn’t pick up until after 2017. Two Democrats with stronger charts in this cycle are Andrew Cuomo (who has not declared his candidacy) and Bernie Sanders, who has the highest peaks of any candidate, but perhaps is unlikely to succeed because of his ‘Socialist’ status, said Guercio. Carly Fiorina has the best cycle of the Republicans, which may indicate she could be the VP candidate. Both Donald Trump and particularly Jeb Bush have low activity in this cycle. Guercio predicted that Hillary will falter, and Mark O’Malley and Andrew Cuomo will be the Democratic ticket, while Hart foresees Trump and Fiorina on the Republican side.




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